Red Dune Safari

Red Dune Safari

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Inclusive items

  • Private Land Cruiser 4×4 car for your friend and your family
  •  3:00 to 4:30 pm pick up time and 9:00 to 9:30 pm is drop off time.
  •  Pick up and Drop from Hotel
  • Sand Dune Bashing Session (Lahbab Desert)
  • Adventurous desert driving experience
  •  Opportunity of Sunset Photography
  • Sand Boarding
  •  Camel Ride
  •  Welcome Arabic Tea or Coffee with dates
  •  Starter Food
  • Arabic Costumes for photographs
  •  Henna Painting
  •  Hubbly Bubbly / Water Pipe
  •  Quad Bikes & Buggy Ride on additional cost
  •  Enchanting Belly dance live performance
  •  Fire Show live performance
  •  Tanura show (Traditional Folk Dnace)
  •  Delicious live BBQ dinner made at the camp site
  •  Continental Buffet with (veg & non-veg) option
  •  Arabic sweets and fresh fruits

non Inclusive items

In a Dubai safari, there are certain items you are not allowed to bring in accordance with local regulations and policies. These may include:

Pets: Bringing pets is generally not allowed in certain areas.

Restricted Substances: Bringing any illegal substances or drugs is strictly prohibited.

Weapons: Carrying weapons, knives, or sharp objects is not allowed.


Mouj Al Sahra Tourism kindly requests clients to notify the company of any tour cancellations at least 12 hours in advance for efficient coordination.

Discover the Red Dune Safari: Your Ultimate Adventure with Sahra Tour!

Welcome to Sahra Tour, your door to experience within the shocking deserts of Dubai! Prepare to set out on an extraordinary journey on red dune safari dubai through the magnificent ruddy rises with us.

We’re energized to share your fervour and delight in investigating the desert. Whether you are a guest or a nearby, we have something uncommon for everybody. So, let’s plunge in and find the enchantment of the ruddy hills together!

What’s the Red Dune Desert Safari Experience?

Prepare for an exciting experience as you investigate the captivating ruddy hills of the red dune desert safari Dubai with the Sahra Tour! Envision the surge of energy as you navigate through the tremendous region of staggering ruddy sands, encompassed by the breathtaking magnificence of the left landscape.

During our Dubai desert safari red dune encounter, you will be submerged in a world of fun and fervour, with a cluster of exceptional encounters holding up for you at each turn. From heart-pounding rise-bashing sessions to invigorating sandboarding undertakings, thrills are sufficient.

But that’s not all – as the sun begins to set, you will be treated to a mesmerizing exhibition of colours portraying the sky, making the culminating scenery for capturing extraordinary recollections. With openings for camel rides, conventional tea ceremonies, and henna, there’s something for everybody to appreciate amid our evening red dunes desert safari Dubai.

So, get prepared to set out on an experience of a lifetime and encounter the enchantment of the ruddy rises with Sahra Tour!

Key Details to Remember

Joining our Dubai red dune safari is simple and available to everybody! Whether you are a family, a bunch of companions, or a solo explorer, all are welcome to connect in on the fun. Our safari endures around 6 hours, giving you plenty of time to splash within the sights and encounters of the desert.

Are you worried about dialect obstructions? Do not be! Our inviting guides are familiar with both English and Arabic, guaranteeing that everybody can fully appreciate the enterprise. So, check your calendars and prepare to embark on an extraordinary journey through the ruddy rises with us!

What’s Included?

At Sahra Tour, we accept to give you an all-inclusive encounter that’s full of energy and enterprise! After you connect with us for the Dubai red dunes safari, you’ll anticipate an extent of exciting exercises, scrumptious snacks, and extraordinary moments.

Here’s what’s included in your safari package:


Appreciate the comfort of private Arrive Cruiser 4×4 transportation, with comfortable pick-up and drop-off straightforwardly from your hotel.

Exciting Exercises:

Brace yourself for heart-pounding rides through the ruddy hills with our invigorating rise-bashing session. Feel the surge as you carve through the sand in our uncommonly prepared vehicles. Also, attempt your hand at sandboarding for an adrenaline-fueled adventure! In addition, we also offer red dune desert safari with quad bike.

Sensational Snacks:

Enjoy top-notch snacks and refreshments throughout your safari, including conventional Arabic tea or coffee and scrumptious dates. It’s the ideal way to recharge and refuel amid your forsaken desert adventure duabi.

Cultural Encounters:

Inundate yourself with the wealthy culture of the leave with encounters like camel rides and henna portray. Slip into conventional Arabic ensembles for important photos that capture the pith of your leave adventure.

Live Excitement:

As the sun sets, sit back and unwind as we treat you to a mesmerizing cluster of live excitement. From captivating paunch move exhibitions to exciting fire appears and conventional Tanura shows, there’s something for everybody to enjoy.

Delicious Supper:

Wrap up your safari with a rich BBQ supper beneath the starlit sky. So, come with your family and enjoy red dune safari with bbq dinner.

Fun Adventures Waiting for You!

Prepare for an adrenaline-fueled encounter with Sahra Tour’s desert safari in lehbab red dunes! Brace yourself for exciting rides and exercises that will take you breathless and exhilarated.

Dune Bashing: Hold tight as our master drivers explore the towering, ruddy hills, taking you on an elating ride through the leaves. Feel the surge of adrenaline as you handle soak slants and sharp turns, all while encompassed by breathtaking scenery.

Sandboarding: Have you ever needed to surf the sands of the leaves? Now’s your chance! Get aboard and coast down the rises, feeling the wind in your hair and the sand underneath your feet. It’s an elating involvement that’s beyond any doubt to induce your heart racing.

And when the sun starts to plunge underneath the skyline, get ready to be mesmerized by the excellence of a leave dusk.

Observe as the sky changes into a palette of dynamic colours, casting a brilliant shine over the unending scope of sand with red dune bashing desert safari. It’s a mysterious minute that will remain with you long after your safari is over.

So, connect with us for an enterprise of a lifetime and involvement in the excitement of hill bashing, sandboarding, and dusk observing within the magnificent red dunes Dubai safari!

More Exciting Stuff

But hold up, there’s more! At Sahra Tour, we accept enchantment to each minute of your forsaken enterprise. That’s why we’ve included a few additional uncommon encounters to make your desert safari Dubai red dunes unforgettable.

Camel Rides:

Channel your internal leave pilgrim and bounce on board one of our inviting camels for a comfortable ride through the sands. It’s the perfect way to drench yourself within the immortal charm of the leave and snap a few exceptional photographs along the way. So, when are you enjoying our premium red dunes and camel safari with bbq?

Traditional Tea:

Take a minute to loosen up and savor the flavours of the forsake with our conventional Arabic tea ceremony. Taste fragrant tea served in lavish mugs with sweet dates that soften in your mouth. It’s a reviving break that will take you feeling restored and prepared for more adventure.

Henna Painting:

Include a sprinkle of colour to your forsake encounter with our complicated henna portray benefit. Please select from an assortment of excellent plans and let our talented artisans decorate your hands or feet with dazzling designs. It’s a fun and merry way to grasp the wealthy social legacy of the desert.

With camel rides, conventional tea ceremonies, and henna portray, Sahra Tour guarantees that each minute of your red dune safaris namibia is filled with bliss, chuckling, and exceptional recollections. So, kick back, unwind, and let us pay attention to the rest as you drench within the enchantment of the desert!


What types of tours does Mouj Al Sahra Tourism offer?

Mouj Al Sahra Tourism provides a diverse range of tours, including desert safaris, cultural excursions, city tours, and more.
Reservations can be made through our website by contacting our customer service. We recommend booking in advance to secure your spot.
We require a minimum of 12 hours’ notice for tour cancellations to ensure smooth operations. Please refer to our detailed cancellation policy for more information.
Many of our tour packages include meals, but it varies. Please check the specific tour details or contact us for information on inclusions and amenities.
Your safety is our priority. We adhere to strict safety protocols, including experienced guides, well-maintained vehicles, and compliance with local regulations to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for our clients.

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